1. Toby Keith to Headline Debut Tailgate Fest in Los Angeles

Toby Keith to Headline Debut Tailgate Fest in Los Angeles

Toby Keith to Headline Debut Tailgate Fest in Los Angeles

Toby Keith will bring his star power to Los Angeles' inaugural Tailgate Fest on the Forum's grounds over Labor Day Weekend. 

The event will take place Sept. 1 outside the stadium in Inglewood, California, delivering a full day of country music and tailgating. The twist is that rather than typical tailgating where fans show up early and then need to pack up their party supplies before heading inside for the show, with Tailgate Fest the main event is brought to them with an outdoor stage in the parking lot. 

Keith joins the festival while on his Should've Been A Cowboy Tour XXV. Other performers will be announced at a later date. 

The fest will include activities such as the Tailgate Cornhole World Championships, the Jacked Up Truck Competition where judges will select the "Best in Show" truck of the day, the Two Step Honky Tonk for anyone aiming to show off their dancing skills and a Dunk Tank for the athletically gifted. 

Tailgate Fest is the newest venture by Melissa Carbone, founder and CEO of Ten Thirty One Productions (TTO) and creator of the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, and partner Giancarlo Chersich, investor behind brands including Pop Chips, Barry's Bootcamp, AQUAhyrdrate, Lucky Jack and the Jillian Michaels empire. According to a press release, the festival is intended to fill a hole in the $60 billion growing tailgating culture. 

"I'm such a tailgate fanatic and the more embedded I got in the culture, I realized there was a pretty unanimous sentiment among us tailgaters. The tailgate shouldn't stop when the show starts. Bring the stage truck-side sort of speak," said Carbone in a statement. "People can still watch the show the traditional way, stageside, but now also have the choice of truck-side, car-side, even poolside. Yeah, I said pool... we're pulling it all out." 

"Music has always been a powerful tool that connects us all and music festivals add a social element to an already connective experience," said Chersich in a statement. "Tailgate Fest was born to give passionate music fans the ability to engage with their favorite artists, while creating their own space and deepen that experience in a live setting. Tailgate Fest is a forward-thinking opportunity that puts the fans first."

Added Carbone: "It's actually fascinating to me that this whole activity has been happening for over a century organically on its own at every game and country music concert. My idea is just to super-serve the experience that is already happening by giving this passionate population of people both things that they love at the same time."