1. Nicki Minaj Salutes DJ Funk Flex, Peter Rosenberg & Joe Budden for 'Chun-Li' Praise

Nicki Minaj Salutes DJ Funk Flex, Peter Rosenberg & Joe Budden for 'Chun-Li' Praise

Nicki Minaj Salutes DJ Funk Flex, Peter Rosenberg & Joe Budden for 'Chun-Li' Praise

On Thursday, Nicki Minaj made her bold return to music with "Chun-Li" and "Barbie Tingz" from her upcoming album, leading to fan approval and critical acclaim. Among the sea of social media compliments were culture critics DJ Funk Flex, Peter Rosenberg and Joe Budden, who have all previously been critical of Minaj's art at various points in her career.

The Queens native took a moment to acknowledge the trio's surprisingly kind words on social media Sunday, posting a video to Instagram featuring each of the hip-hop staples vibing to her latest offering. "Wait hold on. Yo did hell freeze over? wait I wasn’t in NY so idk if this rlly happened. This COULD be a fake video. Were bombs dropped on #ChunLi? Did Flex say this record #HARD????? Did Joe say this record #HARD? Did Rosenberg say #QUEEN," she captioned. "Man, all I’ll say is THANK YOU. Takes real n----z to do this."

She continued to add her hopes for listeners to keep an open mind and objective ear. "I don’t mind criticism, but hating on smthn that’s clearly hard AF will only make you look less credible, miserable, & prove your issues are PERSONAL & unwarranted. So respect to everyone showin love. I haven’t asked anyone to promote my music," Minaj wrote. "Haven’t buttered anyone up behind the scenes, haven’t booked their show, reached out, NOTHING! I simply dropped music & hoped that the REAL ones (even ppl who’ve said negative things in the past) would acknowledge & give credit when/where it’s due."

To put the praise into context, back in February, Funkmaster Flex named Nicki in the comments when he ripped off a list of rappers he deemed as "wack." Rosenberg and Minaj haven't seen eye-to-eye since the early part of the decade and have since exchanged heated viewpoints on Hot 97. Budden repeatedly bashed the 35-year-old's lack of activity on Everyday Struggle and even handed her a loss on REVOLT's This Year Was Dope/Trash 2017 with Charlamagne Tha God. 

Check out Nicki Minaj's post spotlighting Funk Flex, Rosenberg and Budden's compliments below: